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New Jersey Future 2023 Smart Growth Awards Call for Nominations Redevelopment Trailblazer Award 


Welcome to the New Jersey Future 2023 Smart Growth Awards online submission portal for the new award category, the Redevelopment Trailblazer Award!

Redeveloping sites that have previously been developed is challenging work. Trailblazers redevelop sites while advancing the principles and practices of smart growth. The Redevelopment Trailblazer award will go to an organization or individual that has demonstrated leadership and innovation in the field of redevelopment by executing projects that showcase how redevelopment can improve communities, respect the environment, advance societal goals, and be economically viable.
Nominate a company or individual for the New Jersey Future Redevelopment Trailblazer Award.

If you would also like to submit a Smart Growth Award nomination to honor a project or plan that demonstrates smart growth principles in action, you will need to fill out the separate Smart Growth Award nomination form found here. Otherwise, please follow the submission instructions below for the Redevelopment Trailblazer Award.  

Scroll down to the bottom of this page to fill in your contact information as the nominator. You will then be taken to the interactive form that will allow you to submit your Smart Growth Award nomination. If you have any difficulty, or have questions about how to use this portal, please feel free to reach out at the contact information below. We look forward to receiving your nomination!

Nomination Requirements
Nomination guidelines, including required elements and the submission questions, are available as a downloadable PDF document. Please read this first (see page 5), as it explains the submission process in detail.
All nominations must be submitted via the form below. You will be asked to create a Submittable account (if you submitted in a previous year, your login should still work), enter basic information about the project, and upload all completed supporting documents. You may pause your submission process at any time and resume it later.

Nomination Deadline
All nominations must be received, and fully completed, by midnight on April 12, 2023. Incomplete nominations will not be accepted. It is strongly recommended that you submit your completed nomination as soon as possible, but at least 10 days prior to the deadline, so if there are questions, we can notify you prior to the deadline.

Questions? Please contact Policy Manager Kim Irby at kirby@njfuture.org (609) 393-0008 ext 1008 and/or Communications Manager Michael Atkins at matkins@njfuture.org (609) 393-0008 ext 1006.

Please provide the nominator's business address below. 

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.